What’s In A Name?

The Popping Crease..where did the name come from???

Well…Several years ago (2008!!) I attempted a cricket blog for a short time under the same name; The Popping Crease (Round 1). Sadly I rather quickly lost interest and ceased writing it; as an 18 year old at the time I thought I probably had better things to be doing. The only positive to come out of all that writing five years ago appears to be that I had come up with a unique name for a cricket blog – one I haven’t seen among the thousands and thousands out there, the main reason for the choice. Standing out from the crowd helps when you’re name is slightly more unique I guess…

The above diagram, from wikipedia, points you to the Popping Crease – a fairly vital part of the game of cricket but perhaps a name most people are unaware of! From determining run outs and stumpings to providing a base for the batsmen to stand at the Popping Crease is a very important little white line! An apt name for a cricket blog I thought.

So here’s to the writing and blogging to come – I’m excited, but ┬ádon’t worry – I promise my writing will be on more exciting topics than white lines from now on!

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Welcome to The Popping Crease

The Popping Crease is a brand new blog all about cricket from a true lover of the beautiful game. Here I hope to spread my knowledge and love for cricket, covering all aspects of the game from County to International matches and everything in between.

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